Air Science SAFEKEEPER Evidence Drying Chamber


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Safekeeper® series forensic evidence drying cabinets are designed to store, dry or otherwise process forensic evidence in the controlled environment of a tamper resistant compartment to maintain the chain of custody.

The industry leading Multiplex™ filtration system, combined with professional design and construction offer convenience and protect the safety of personnel during use, maintenance and decontamination of the cabinets.

Safekeeper Features & Benefits

Safekeeper forensic evidence drying cabinets provide cost-effective storage and containment for forensic evidence as it is dried by a constant flow of air. Air Science® ductless technology removes airborne pathogens, particulates, fumes, and odors emitted by the contents.

Safekeeper forensic evidence drying cabinets offer these advantages:

  • Elimination of putrid odors and chemical fumes using ecofriendly ductless technology carbon filtration.
  • Effective protection to personnel from particulate hazards.
  • ANSI Z9.5 compliance with optional safety back-up filters on selected models.
  • Controlled airflow to dry items of evidence in the cabinet.
  • Lockable doors with tamper-proof seals for security.
  • Broad range of sizes for diverse needs.
  • Selected models available with versatile two, three and four independent drying chambers.
  • Easily cleaned to protect items of evidence from cross contamination.
  • Safe and easy to change filters
  • Compliant with OSHA/ANSI regulations
  • Push-pull™ shelving, hanging rods and lockable front doors facilitate application of cabinets to many situations.
  • Standard height and Downflow models are designed to be moved around a building through standard doorways and elevator
  • Safekeeper Forensic Evidence Drying Cabinets brochure