Disposable ID Tents, With Scale

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Perfect for use at bloody crime scenes. Simply discard the markers after use. No clean-up is necessary. Mark each ID Tent with any information pertaining to evidence. A large “P” and “L” have been printed on each side of the marker to indicate that the item has been photographed and logged prior to collection. Reference scales along the bottom edges in both metric and inches make evidence documentation simple. The sturdy cardboard construction and unique center brace ensure that each ID Tent remains standing and doesn’t sag. For additional stability, the brace has a perforated hole in the center where evidence marker flags can be placed, anchoring the Disposable ID Tent to the ground. A new updated design features easy-to-fold sections right above the scale so you can convert the scale to be flat against the surface. The scale at the bottom now goes to the edge for better measurements against evidence. Now also available in white.