Fume Care NIN-PRO-60 Ninhydrin/DFO/Indanedione Chamber

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The NIN-PRO Fingerprint Development Chamber is designed to accelerate DFO, Indanedione and Ninhydrin processing. These related fingerprint processes are used for porous surfaces. Prints are detected at a faster rate and with better clarity by means of precise control of the temperature and relative humidity conditions. The Fumecare NIN-PRO cabinet demonstrated the ability to produce well defined prints at lower temperatures as well as lower humidity during trials.

DFO, Ninhydrin and Indanedione  are the most effective techniques for detecting latent prints on paper and similar porous surfaces. Although the NIN-PRO cabinet performs well with DFO, IND and NIN it is not limited in scope and can also utilize other chemical developers, allowing illumination with various lasers and light sources to make the resulting prints become fluorescent.

The P LC+HMI Touchscreen with 24Vdc digital input and anolog output allows for easy setting of all parameters. A USB data port is fitted for data logging and also an Ethernet port for remote monitoring. The system has the facility to store user preferred run programmes plus standard cycles.

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