Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar is a very effective tool for detecting buried evidence as it visualizes contrast below the ground. In many cases, disturbances and non-native matter are easily detectable, in a fraction of the time, saving valuable investigation dollars and effort. As a non-invasive tool, objects below ground will not be disturbed.

With its true dual-antenna, the Leica DS2000 Ground Penetrating Radar positions deep and shallow anomalies simultaneously, allowing for a more accurate survey in varying soil compositions.

Combined with the powerful CT2000 field tablet and Leica smart antenna, the DS2000 is part of the complete Leica Geosystems detection and underground mapping solution to enhance any below ground forensics investigation.



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Key benefits


  • Dual-frequency antenna to detect deep and shallow targets simultaneously
  • Easily collect and understand data with the DS2000’s simple  and intuitive software and data storage
  • Effortlessly maneuver around the most challenging sites with the DS2000’s advanced ergonomics


Antenna footprint 40 x 50 cm
Hardware channels 2
Antenna central frequencies 250 MHz and 700 MHz
Antenna orientation Perpendicular, broadside
Sampling frequency 400 kHz
Acquisition speed More than 10 km/h
Scan rate per channel for 512 samples per scan 381 scans per second
Scan interval 42 scan per meter
Positioning 2 integrated encoders – GPS and/or TPS
Power consumption / supply 13.3 W / Rechargeable SLAB (Sealed Lead Acid Battery)
Operating temperature range –10° C to +40° C
Weight 27 kg
Protection IP65