HotShot Fingerprint Developer

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Within a few seconds, the activator solution is absorbed, and a chemical reaction takes place, generating heat and a controlled amount of steam for needed humidity.  As the canister heats, the HotShot fingerprint developer begins to vaporize and fills the fuming chamber with extremely sensitive, active print-developing fumes.
HotShot is all inclusive to fume several items in a contained chamber.  After use, simply screw the lid back on the protective container, and throw the unit away.
Tracker’s HotShot Tips
  • Store in a cool, preferably dry environment.
  • Use one per 10-15 gallon fuming chamber.
  • Use 3-4 for car interiors.
  • Usually development is “done” within 5 minutes in a small chamber, 30-45 minutes for a car.
  • The created fumes and steam rises…place your evidence above for best results.
  • No need to add humidity, it is built-in.
  • Only use a few drops of the developer…or carefully watch development time.
  • Unit gets hot for at least 7-10 minutes during the process.
  • Be careful not to overdevelop.
  • Dispose of normally, use with adequate ventilation.