*****NEW***** SCILUMINATE – Next Generation Forensic Technology

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Sciluminate is a safe powder that binds to fingerprint residues with a high specificity. After binding to the fingerprint, Sciluminate gives off a strong fluorescent signal that can be visualized using a short-wave UV light. Unlike other commercial products, our product does not “bleach” or fade after long exposures to UV lights, meaning that imaging and analysis can be performed repeatedly without losing fingerprint fidelity. This powder physically binds to the whole fingerprint, unlike other products that chemically bind to the fingerprint. This physical binding means that our powder is more durable and can be imaged and lifted easily. This also means that our powder is significantly safer for law-enforcement personnel to use on a continuous basis, as no chemical reactions are taking place. The powder can be used outdoors, indoors, and even inside of cars. Specific niche applications include detecting fingerprints on weapon handles, dashboards, steering wheels, and porous materials.  Only extremely small amounts of the powder are required to visualize fingerprints.


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