Sheerspeed Privacy Screen Pack (Full Height) 4’-6” x 10” x 10”

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  • Reinforced PVC Mesh material – two material thicknesses – Heavy-duty – Ideally weighted for stability in operation versus lighter weight materials which are susceptible to wind deflection
  • Mesh material offers less resistance to air flow whilst obscuring public viewing
  • Flame Retardant
  • Speed tent system (Only minutes to erect)
  • Screening can be collapsed as one complete section or in 2 separate sections
  • Rubber feet for extended product life
  • Guy lines front and back (8 off)
  • Designed for additional sections or kits to be added at any time or attached to tents
  • Hard standing kit for use either as one unit or two separate units. Infinite adjustment design to cater for all situations
  • 2” wide Velcro joining for strong, quick and effective attachment
  • Reflective strip along top edge for safety
  • Flexible – ability to be applied in many different configurations