Speci-Guard Bio hazard Bags w Document Pouch (6″ x 9″) 100

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  • The only bag featuring the a liquid-tight, PRESS AND CLOSE® adhesive closure system. Simply peel away the release liner and press to close.
  • Separate outside pocket for the requisition slip.
  • It’s the ORIGINAL adhesive closure with NO “glove-to-adhesive” contact.
  • Once closed, the bag stays closed, even in pneumatic tube systems.
  • Remains closed if air is trapped inside, or if “grabbed”, and won’t “pop open”.
  • Available in single pocket versions when requisitions are not used, or in diagnostic kit packaging.
  • EZ-Open TearZone® area.  No more hard-to-open scores, no more perforations that can leak.
  • Speci-Gard® is disposable, eliminating the possibility of cross contamination caused by reusing bags.