The Clarion™ by Kaleidoscope

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The Clarion

The Clarion™ is the top of line in bullet trajectory reconstruction. The Clarion™ offers twice the laser light by joining the Fusion™ kit with the six additional 36”x.25” Tubular Dowel Rods and six extra lasers/accessories. The Clarion™ is the choice for vehicle reconstruction and is capable of reconstructing up to 18 bullet trajectories: 12 of those reconstructed with lasers.

Like the Fusion™, the Clarion™ is designed for long and short range forward projection and back extrapolation bullet trajectory reconstruction in various substrates including drywall, automobiles, forensic mannequins, Styrofoam heads, etc., along with the option to reconstruct the approximate location of the shooter, victim, and end impact site defect using clear, hollow, Tubular Dowels™ that light up when laser light is projected through them.

Unlike other advanced-type bullet trajectory kits that come with only two mini lasers, the Clarion™ comes with six Mini Green Lasers and six Mini Red Lasers that have been adapted to adhere to a Solid Fiber Glass Dowel Rod by way of an adapted Laser Connector or to the Tubular Dowel. Lasers can also be mounted on tripods for forward extrapolation as well.

The threading on LPA’s lasers is compatible with most brands of Bullet Trajectory Rods on the market as well.


Suggested Level of Experience:
Intermediate to Advanced

Kit Includes:
Photographic Fog
Carrying Case
Digital Protractor
Digital Angle Finder
Plumb Line
Eye Hooks
Starter Rod
6 – 36” x .25” Hollow Tubular Dowel Rods™
6 – 18” x .25” Hollow Tubular Dowel Rods™
6 – 18” x .25” Solid Fiber Glass Dowel Rods
6 – O-Ring Fasteners
6 – Laser Base Tripod Mount
6 – Laser Connectors
6 – Dowel Stabilizers™
6 – Mini Green Lasers
6 – Mini Red Lasers
4 – Dowel Connectors