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Superior Field Performance

  • 99% Effective (NIOSH N99 Expected)
  • Very breathable even during strenuous activity
  • Simple filter replacement

No Training Scars

  • Low profile minimizes cheek-weld interference
  • Low-riding seal is eyewear compatible

Designed for Configurability

  • Multiple strap options for varying kit setups
  • Compatible with Invisio® headsets
  • Mic integration for Peltor® headsets

Comfortable for Extended Use

  • Soft-touch medical-grade silicone
  • Works well with facial hair


THE TR2 SETS A NEW STANDARD IN TACTICAL RESPIRATORY PROTECTION. Developed in collaboration with Tier 1 operators, it provides a better means of protection while training in compromised environments.

Today’s special operations forces understand the importance of protecting their lungs – however, they cannot afford to compromise their ability to execute effectively. This is the foundation upon which the TR2 was designed. By offering a low profile design that’s easy to don and integrates seamlessly with varying kit configurations, the TR2 is the most adoptable respirator for tactical units.

It is proven to be range-ready through hours of active testing with special forces operators. It is more compact, comfortable, and breathable than any other respirator. If you are a special forces operator, SWAT officer, or from another tactical unit, the Tactical Respirator II is the best defense your lungs have.

Superior Filter Cartridge
• More than 99% effective
• NIOSH N99 and EN149 FFP3 expected (filters at least 99% of particles which are 0.3 microns or larger)
• Filter material analysis achieved 99.9% efficiency according to testing standard NaCl 32 LPM TSI8130
• Very breathable even during strenuous activity
• Filter housing is made from biodegradable plastic known to pass ASTM D6400
• Simple filter replacement

Soft Silicone Seal
High-Flow Exhalation Valve
• Low profile minimizes cheek weld interference
• Low riding seal is NVG and eye-wear compatible
• Above-chin gasket:  Articulates when speaking to maintain a seal unlike most under-chin masks
• Doesn’t interfere with chin strap
• Improved seal with facial hair
• Fits a wide range of facial profiles
• Medical-grade silicone meets or exceeds ISO10993-5: 2009, ISO10993-10: 2010, ISO10993-10: 2019, ISO10993-11: 2017, ISO 10993-4: 2017

High-Flow Exhalation Valve
• Centrally located for lower exhalation resistance
• Downward-facing venting doesn’t fog eyewear
• Testing to be conducted in accordance with 42
CFR Part 84.182 and NIOSH standard procedure TEB-APR-STP-0004

Configurable Straps

• Standard strap is fully adjustable
• Built-in flex zones allow for improved comfort and head articulation
• Can be worn with or without a helmet – Additional strap kit available
• Supports integration with common helmet rail systems, including Ops-Core ® ARC Rails and Revision ® Viper Rails
• Hook-and-loop adapter patches included for an alternative attachment method
• Can be donned and doffed without requiring helmet removal

Mic Kit Accessory
• Optional mic accessory can be configured for the left or right side depending on preference
• Compatible with common headset brands including Peltor ®
• Mic is IP67 rated against dust and water ingress
• Connection via standard J22 Nexus 2-Pin